• £329.00

    Cornilleau Sport 250 Indoor Table Tennis Table

    CORNILLEAU SPORT 250 INDOOR TABLE TENNIS TABLE. This table is a good match for more expensive tables from other brands. It features a beneficial retractable net and post set which folds up when the table is in the storage position.

  • £399.00

    Cornilleau Sport 250S Outdoor Table Tennis Table

    CORNILLEAU SPORT 250S 5mm OUTDOOR ROLLAWAY. Safety first for all the family. This table incorporates DSI – Integrated Double Security locking system which is unique and makes this table the safest on the market for all the family to use with confidence.

    Important please note: The GREY table is a special request table and the delivery must be advised after the order is placed.


  • £459.00

    Cornilleau Sport 300S Outdoor Table Tennis Table

    CORNILLEAU SPORT 300S 5mm OUTDOOR ROLLAWAY. A tried and tested classic design that includes the safe DSI locking system.

  • £39.95

    Cornilleau Sport Accessory Pack

    CORNILLEAU SPORT ACCESSORY PACK.  This is a great starter pack for home use with your new table tennis table. A table cover is designed to protect the table against dust and dirt

  • £549.00

    Cornilleau Star Wars Limited Edition OUTDOOR Table Tennis Table

    Cornilleau Star Wars Limited Edition OUTDOOR Table Tennis Table.  Wow here’s a unique opportunity for STAR WARS fans! This special / limited edition table tennis table features its very own limited edition serial number which is applied to only 1000 tables worldwide. Due to the very small number of tables available orders are accepted on a first come first served basis.


  • £22.99

    Stiga Ball Catcher / Pick Up Net

    STIGA BALL CATCHER / PICK UP NET.  This is a super handy tool for large training groups or robot training sessions where many balls are in use. Don’t strain your back just use this handy ball pick up net which has a telescopic handle.

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    Tibhar Clip Net Set

    TIBHAR CLIP NET SET is a solid steel clip on net set which allows very quick set up.

  • £1.50

    Tibhar Net Measure

    TIBHAR NET MEASURE is a handy plastic measuring instrument used to check the net height.

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    (RRP: £52.99)

    Tibhar Smash Net Set

    TIBHAR SMASH NET SETS have been used at the various European Championships and other high profile tournaments.