Outdoor Tables

  • £6.95

    Cornilleau OUTDOOR P-Balls Box of 6

    CORNILLEAU OUTDOOR P-BALLS.  This is a box of 6 x white 40mm ultradurable outdoor plastic balls. They are heavier and more solid than standard table tennis balls which makes them ideal for playing outdoors.

  • £21.95

    Cornilleau Sport Duo Indoor Bat and Ball Set

    CORNILLEAU SPORT DUO INDOOR BAT AND BALL SET.  The Sport Duo Set is an ideal starter set and is designed for mainly indoor and some outdoor family leisure use. The set includes 2 identical leisure bats and 3 balls.

  • £34.95

    Cornilleau Sport Indoor Table Cover Grey

    CORNILLEAU SPORT INDOOR TABLE COVER.  This PVC table cover is designed to protect the table against dust and dirt so that it is always ready to play.  It is only suitable for use on Cornilleau indoor fold and rollaway table.

  • £31.95

    Cornilleau Tacteo Duo OUTDOOR Bat and Ball Set

    CORNILLEAU TACTEO DUO OUTDOOR BAT AND BALL SET.  The Tacteo Composite Duo set consists of two bats and three balls and is perfect for outdoor recreational use.