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    Andro Alpha Step 1

    ANDRO ALPHA STEP 1 .  The Alpha Step 1 shoe offers high flexibility and excellent grip. This is a serious but stylish lightweight shoe for the modern quick game and is highly suitable for both league and tournament play.

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    Andro Shuffle Step

    ANDRO SHUFFLE STEP SHOE. Quietly stylish in it’s design and VERY comfortable on your feet. The shoe upper is made of a soft material so that it adapts well to the shape of your foot. This Shuffle Step shoe is light weight but still highly supportive.

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    Andro Wet Bag

    ANDRO WET BAG.  The Andro wet bag is the optimal supplement for your sports bag. This is a waterproof bag for you to store and transport damp clothing and wet shoes and it will protect the surrounding environment from offensive smells and humidity. Drawstrings for easy handling.