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    Andro Alpha Step II Blue

    ANDRO ALPHA STEP II.  The Alpha Step II is the latest shoe from Andro, offering high flexibility, excellent grip and with an improved innersole for fantastic foot cushioning, breathable mesh on the front and sides for a more cool comfortable feel.

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    Andro Shuffle Step

    ANDRO SHUFFLE STEP SHOE. Quietly stylish in it’s design and VERY comfortable on your feet. The shoe upper is made of a soft material so that it adapts well to the shape of your foot. This Shuffle Step shoe is light weight but still highly supportive.

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    Andro Wet Bag

    ANDRO WET BAG.  The Andro wet bag is the optimal supplement for your sports bag. This is a waterproof bag for you to store and transport damp clothing and wet shoes and it will protect the surrounding environment from offensive smells and humidity. Drawstrings for easy handling.