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    Andro Alpha Step II

    ANDRO ALPHA STEP II.  The Alpha Step II is the latest shoe from Andro, offering high flexibility, excellent grip and with an improved innersole for fantastic foot cushioning, breathable mesh on the front and sides for a more cool comfortable feel.

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    Butterfly Lezoline Zero shoe

    BUTTERFLY LEZOLINE ZERO.  A very lightweight shoe with extreme flexibility for intense movement under pressure. A highly popular shoe for fans of Butterfly equipment.

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    Stiga Instinct II Shoe

    STIGA INSTINCT II SHOE. This modern, functional design is specifically tailored to meet the demands of top performance table tennis.

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    Stiga Liner II shoe + FREE Stiga shoe bag!

    STIGA LINER II SHOE.  Stiga’s NEW Liner II is an upgraded version of the original Liner shoe and is is made with the same durable flexible polyester fabric, designed to help keep the foot in the correct position during multi-directional movements.  A FREE Stiga shoe bag is included with these shoes.

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    Stiga Liner shoe + FREE STIGA shoe bag!

    STIGA LINER SHOE.  This Liner shoe is made from a durable flexible fabric, designed to help keep the foot in the correct position during multi-directional movements and high performance activities.

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    Stiga TT Pro Shoe

    STIGA TT PRO SHOE.  Super VALUE Stiga table tennis shoe designed with great features for dynamic play.

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    Tibhar Mesh Flexlight

    TIBHAR MESH FLEXLIGHT.  The emphasis of this shoe design has been put into ensuring that the shoe feels as LIGHT as a feather!   It has also deliberately made the sole construction extremely flexibly with extra stability.




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    Tibhar Progress Rotario

    TIBHAR PROGRESS ROTARIO.  Tibhar have redesigned the classic PROGRESS table tennis shoe. The high-grip sole, which has been used for years, offers excellent slip resistance on any type of floor.