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    Andro Fair Play Scorer

    ANDRO FAIR PLAY SCORER is designed around a sturdy compact box which is intelligently used to hold the scorer in place.

  • £44.95

    Cornilleau Compact Premium Table Cover

    CORNILLEAU COMPACT PREMIUM TABLE COVER.   This is a woven coated reinforced POLYESTER cover which will protect your compact rollaway table from dirt and dust.

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    (RRP: £949.00)

    Donic Robo Pong 2050 Robot

    DONIC ROBO PONG 2050 ROBOT.  Donic highly recommends its clever digital Robo Pong 2050 to meet all of your training requirements. The smart digital control provides exact control over speed, delivery and precise ball placement.

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    Tibhar Clip Net Set

    TIBHAR CLIP NET SET is a solid steel clip on net set which allows very quick set up.

  • £1,035.00
    (RRP: £1,249.00)

    Tibhar Robo Pro Genius Robot

    This is a super quality and robust single head machine for high quality training.

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    (RRP: £1,499.00)

    Tibhar Robo Pro Master

    TIBHAR ROBO PRO MASTER. Tibhars new Robo Pro Master twin head robot provides you with an unbeatable practice partner!

  • £799.00
    (RRP: £999.00)

    Tibhar Robo Pro Plus Robot

    TIBHAR ROBO PRO PLUS ROBOT is made of Al – alloy, quality steel and durable plastic materials. The streamline style and high quality design is easy to handle and has made this robot a very popular choice.

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    (RRP: £52.99)

    Tibhar Smash Net Set

    TIBHAR SMASH NET SETS have been used at the various European Championships and other high profile tournaments.

  • £37.99

    Tibhar Table Surround

    TIBHAR TABLE SURROUND. This surround consists of a strong steel frame combined with a durable PVC material which shows the TIBHAR lettering.