• £35.99

    Andro Tec Level Bat

    ANDRO TEC LEVEL BAT. For intermediate skill learning. ITTF approved POWER 3 1.9mm rubber

  • £24.99

    Butterfly Timo Boll Bronze Bat

    BUTTERFLY TIMO BOLL BRONZE BAT. This Butterfly bat is highly controllable and it’s a great bat for players starting to get into table tennis.

  • £52.99

    Butterfly Timo Boll Platinum Bat

    BUTTERFLY TIMO BOLL PLATINUM. This stylish bat is designed for advancing leisure players who want to improve and further develope their skills. This Platinum model offers a sturdy 5-ply blade with a comfortable AN / anatomic shape handle.

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    (RRP: £79.99)

    Butterfly Zhang Jike ZJ X6 Bat

    BUTTERFLY ZHANG JIKE ZJX6 BAT.  A stylish and highly popular controlled attack style bat from Butterfly for serious leisure / hobby players!  It has a sturdy 5-ply blade with a Flare shape handle and the rubbers are Butterfly Wakaba in a 2mm sponge on both sides of the bat for good speed and spin. Endorsed by Zhang Jike, the Olympic and twice World Singles Champion!

  • £21.95

    Cornilleau Sport Duo Indoor Bat and Ball Set

    CORNILLEAU SPORT DUO INDOOR BAT AND BALL SET.  The Sport Duo Set is an ideal starter set and is designed for mainly indoor and some outdoor family leisure use. The set includes 2 identical leisure bats and 3 balls.

  • £34.99

    Double Happiness 3002 T 3 STAR Bat

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 3002 T 3 STAR BAT.  This is a fantastic value bat for advancing learners. It features a good controllable 5 ply allround blade with the highly popular Double Happiness PF4 sticky surface 1.6mm rubbers on each side.

  • £49.99

    Double Happiness 4002 T 4 STAR Bat

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 4002 T 4 STAR BAT.  This really is a high quality, excellent advancing HIGH SPIN attack bat.  It features a good 7 ply controlled attack style of blade and is combined with the very grippy Double Happiness Hurricane 3 2.0mm sticky rubber on each side for very controllable, heavy spin attack.

  • £94.99

    Double Happiness 5002 T 5 STAR Bat + Free Wallet !

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 5002 T 5 STAR BAT.  WOW! This is a great intermediate & competition level bat for players wanting speed and power with high spin and fantastic control.

  • £14.99

    Stiga Hobby Haze Bat

    STIGA HOBBY HAZE BAT.  This bat offers great control for beginners.  A Stiga bat which we recommend for new, entry level players being introduced to the game.