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    Stiga Virtue 4 star Bat

    STIGA VIRTUE 4 STAR BAT.  This 4 star Virtue bat is the vital combination of two innovative technologies of ACS and tube and this design offers you superior speed, control and spin.

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    Tibhar Chila Select Attack Bat 6767

    TIBHAR CHILA SELECT ATTACK COMPETITION BAT.  This customised competition  bat features the HIGHLY popular  Tibhar Chila Light Offence blade and the ultra modern Tibhar Aurus Select rubbers.

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    Tibhar COS3 High Spin Defence Bat 1515

    TIBHAR COS3 HIGH SPIN DEFENCE BAT.  Concentrated HIGH SPIN defensive players and highly controlling SPIN allrounders will reap the benefit from the exacting control and finely tuned feel factor from this great bat combination. Players who rely on the consistency of returns to wear down their opponent won’t be disappointed.


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    Tibhar Nimbus Sound Control Competition Bat

    TIBHAR NIMBUS SOUND CONTROL COMPETITION BAT.  This customised competition bat features the iconic Tibhar IVL Light Contact blade and Tibhar Nimbus Sound rubbers.  This excellent combination offers high spin possibilities with balanced power and control. This light weight blade won’t let you down.

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    Tibhar Samsonov Triple X Bat

    TIBHAR SAMSONOV TRIPLE X BAT.  This ultra-lightweight bat is ideal for the beginner / advancing learner. Easy to handle with grippy ITTF approved rubber.