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    Stiga Rocket 2 star Bat

    STIGA ROCKET 2 STAR BAT. This 2 Star Stiga Rocket bat is highly controllable and it will suit improving and advancing beginners.

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    (RRP: £64.99)

    Stiga Superior 3 star Bat

    STIGA SUPERIOR 3 STAR BAT. This Superior bat is perfect for the powerful varied offence player who wants unrivalled levels of power and feeling in their game.

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    Stiga Supreme 4 star Bat

    STIGA SUPREME 4 STAR.  A very stylish and high quality 4 star bat for the more offensive minded player who requires greater speed with maximum spin and elasticity.

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    (RRP: £124.99)

    Stiga Synergy 5 star Bat

    STIGA SYNERGY 5 STAR.  This 5 star Synergy bat is ideally suited to players who favour a powerful and varied attacking game style.

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    (RRP: £124.99)

    Stiga Vaporizer 5 star Bat

    STIGA VAPORIZER 5 STAR.  This bat is perfect for power and ultimate feeling due to ACS technology that allows high speed to be combined with springiness and elasticity for outstanding control.

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    (RRP: £89.99)

    Stiga Virtue 4 star Bat

    STIGA VIRTUE 4 STAR BAT.  This 4 star Virtue bat is the vital combination of two innovative technologies of ACS and tube and this design offers you superior speed, control and spin.

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    (RRP: £127.97)

    Tibhar Nimbus Delta Attack R2P Competition Bat + FREE Bat Case

    TIBHAR NIMBUS DELTA ATTACK BAT.  This customised competition bat features the iconic Tibhar IVS OFFENCE blade and Tibhar NIMBUS DELTA V rubbers.  This excellent combination offers aggressive power with high spin possibilities and balanced control. Exacting touch and commanding strokes are possible with this distinctive IVS Offence blade. We have chosen Tibhar Nimbus Delta V rubber in varying sponge thickness to offer modified characteristics for fluctuating playing styles.

  • £39.99

    Tibhar Samsonov Power Grip Bat

    TIBHAR SAMSONOV POWER GRIP BAT. A controlled attacking bat for the young or experienced allround player. This bat has Tibhar Phantom rubbers on both sides which guarantees perfect ball feel and control.

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    (RRP: £169.99)

    Tibhar Samsonov Quantum Force R2P Competition Bat + FREE Bat Case

    TIBHAR SAMSONOV QUANTUM FORCE R2P BAT.  Vladimir Samsonov multiple European Champion and World Cup winner chooses to play with the Samsonov Force PRO blade designed specifically for him. It has perceptible power and balanced touch. Together with Tibhars Quantum rubber it makes for an exciting power spin offence competition bat.