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    Andro Treiber CO OFF/S + Hexer R2P Competition Bat + FREE CASE 2714

    ANDRO TREIBER CO OFF/S + HEXER POWER/GRIP R2P COMPETITION BAT.  This high spec ready to play customised bat is built for the strong and unswerving power attacker. The exacting Treiber CO blade is designed with Kevlar Carbon plies, providing precise support for your topspins and with even more superiority in control.

    Together with our great OFFER PRICE  you will also receive a FREE Andro Basic bat case worth £12.99!

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    Donic Appelgren Vario Control R2P Competition Bat

    DONIC APPELGREN VARIO CONTROL R2P COMPETITION BAT. Here we have a tried and proved competition bat comprising of the long standing and famous Donic Appelgren Allplay blade and Donic Vario rubbers. This is an exceptionally effective ready to play customised bat built for the controlled, variable attacker.

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    Double Happiness 3002 R Bat + FREE CASE!

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 3002 R BAT. This is a fantastic value bat for advancing learners. It features a good basic allround blade with Double Happiness PF4 sticky surface rubbers on each side.

  • £49.99

    Double Happiness 4002 R Bat + FREE CASE!

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 4002 R BAT.  This is an excellent advancing high spin bat. It features a good allround blade with Double Happiness G888 2.0mm sticky rubber for controllable spin attacking and Double Happiness Hurricane 2 in 2.0mm.

  • £89.99

    Double Happiness 5002 R Bat + Free Wallet + Free Balls

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 5002 R BAT.   This is a great intermediate & competition level bat for players wanting high SPIN and fantastic control.

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    Stiga Carbo Advance 5 star Bat

    STIGA CARBO ADVANCE 5 STAR BAT. Packed with design technology the Carbo Advance bat is the ultimate choice of the confident offensive player.

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    Stiga Combi Power Attack R2P Bat

    STIGA COMBI POWER ATTACK / R2P BAT.  This customised bat comprises of the superb WRB Tube Aluminium blade which offers 5 plies of power and acceleration. It is combined with the popular Stiga Neos Tacky rubber for high powered spin attack play and Stiga BOOST Tension Power, which is a high tension rubber, again for more speed and spin play.

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    Stiga Hobby Haze Bat

    STIGA HOBBY HAZE BAT.  This bat offers great control for beginners.  A Stiga bat which we recommend for new, entry level players being introduced to the game.




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    Stiga Reactive 3 star Bat

    STIGA REACTIVE 3 STAR BAT. A very stylish and HIGHLY popular STIGA 3 star bat for the controlled power allround attack player who requires good speed with great accuracy and perfect ball placement!