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    Andro Gauzy HL Carbon Power Attack R2P Bat + FREE CASE! 2745

    ANDRO GAUZY HL CARBON POWER ATTACK R2P BAT. This COMPETITION bat features the very latest and newly designed carbon blade in collaboration with Simon Gauzy top world class player. It features the fantastic Andro Rasanter R47 rubbers in ULTRA MAX for extreme speed and 2.0mm for touch control. The GAUZY HL CARBON is a superior blade that will help to process excellent feedback through every stroke played and absorbed.

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    Andro Gauzy Impuls Control Bat R2P + FREE CASE! 2769

    ANDRO GAUZY IMPULS CONTROL BAT.  This superb ready to play customised bat is built for controllable speed and excellent ball placement throughout your allround power-play play game.  The newly developed Andro Gauzy BL5 allround blade delivers great feel and precision and it features the latest spinny Andro IMPULS rubbers which have an in-built tensor, speed glue effect.

    Plus FREE case worth £12.99!

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    Andro Grip Power Bat + FREE CASE! 2762

    ANDRO GRIP POWER BAT.  This COMPETITION level, ready to play bat features the new Andro Nova Cell Offence blade. A fast blade that is versatile in every aspect and delivers power on demand. We have combined it with the very adaptable Hexer Grip and Hexer Powergrip SFX rubbers, for invigorating spin and enormous catapult power.

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    Andro Hexer Powersponge Competition Bat R2P + FREE CASE! 2705

    ANDRO HEXER POWERSPONGE BAT.  This superb ready to play customised bat is built for accentuated SPIN and control. It provides exceptional ball feel for determined spin driving play.  Plus FREE case worth £12.99.

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    Andro Kanter CO Carbon Attack R2P Bat + FREE CASE! 2725

    ANDRO KANTER CO CARBON ATTACK R2P BAT.  This COMPETITION bat features the new and very popular Andro Kanter CO CARBON Offence blade and the fantastic Andro Rasanter R42 and V42 rubbers. A refined blade that will help to perfect your variable offensive play close to the table and at half distance with ball safety and speed. Easy to handle due to its light weight which enhances stroke recovery.

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    Andro Plaxon Control R2P Bat + FREE CASE! 2706

    ANDRO PLAXON CONTROL R2P COMPETITION BAT. This extremely effective ready to play customised bat is built for the controlled attacker. The newly designed Andro Nova Cell ALL/SPEED blade will deliver maximum versatility in all areas of committed allround / offensive play.

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    Andro Rasanter Powerspin R2P Bat + FREE CASE! 2730

    ANDRO RASANTER POWERSPIN COMPETITION R2P BAT.  This COMPETITION bat features the new Andro Nova Cell OFFENCE blade and the fantastic Andro Rasanter R50 and R47 rubbers. A fast blade with superb control and when combined with the new full on attack Rasanter R50 and R47 rubbers, opponents watch out for the oncoming assault!

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    Andro Rasanter R53 Force Attack Bat

    ANDRO RASANTER R53 FORCE ATTACK BAT.  This high level COMPETITION bat features the positive and lightweight Andro CS5 Offence blade together with the fantastic Andro Rasanter R53  rubbers.  This blade provides discerning touch with perfect access to variable offensive play while at half distance or close to the table. Easy to handle due to its light weight and enhanced stroke recovery. When combined with the new Rasanter R53 rubbers, opponents will feel the oncoming energy of your driven topspin’s and power drives. The spinning capacity of the R53 is unparalleled.

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    Andro Rasanter Rotation R2P Bat + FREE CASE! 2718

    ANDRO RASANTER ROTATION R2P COMPETITION BAT.  This COMPETITION bat features the new Andro Nova Cell ALL/SPEED blade and the fantastic Andro Rasanter R37 rubbers. It combines power together with great feel and superb spin. An outstanding allround speed blade with terrific control and when combined together with the new Rasanter R37 rubbers watch out for a great outcome for the committed allround offensive playing style.

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    Andro Tec Level Bat

    ANDRO TEC LEVEL BAT. For intermediate skill learning. ITTF approved POWER 3 1.9mm rubber

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    Andro Treiber CO OFF/S + Hexer R2P Competition Bat + FREE CASE 2714

    ANDRO TREIBER CO OFF/S + HEXER POWER/GRIP R2P COMPETITION BAT.  This high spec ready to play customised bat is built for the strong and unswerving power attacker. The exacting Treiber CO blade is designed with Kevlar Carbon plies, providing precise support for your topspins and with even more superiority in control.

    Together with our great OFFER PRICE  you will also receive a FREE Andro Basic bat case worth £12.99!

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    Butterfly Timo Boll Bronze Bat

    BUTTERFLY TIMO BOLL BRONZE BAT. This Butterfly bat is highly controllable and it’s a great bat for players starting to get into table tennis.

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    Butterfly Timo Boll Platinum Bat

    BUTTERFLY TIMO BOLL PLATINUM. This stylish bat is designed for advancing leisure players who want to improve and further develope their skills. This Platinum model offers a sturdy 5-ply blade with a comfortable AN / anatomic shape handle.

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    Butterfly Zhang Jike ZJ X6 Bat

    BUTTERFLY ZHANG JIKE ZJX6 BAT.  A stylish and highly popular controlled attack style bat from Butterfly for serious leisure / hobby players!  It has a sturdy 5-ply blade with a Flare shape handle and the rubbers are Butterfly Wakaba in a 2mm sponge on both sides of the bat for good speed and spin. Endorsed by Zhang Jike, the Olympic and twice World Singles Champion!

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    Cornilleau Sport Duo Indoor Bat and Ball Set

    CORNILLEAU SPORT DUO INDOOR BAT AND BALL SET.  The Sport Duo Set is an ideal starter set and is designed for mainly indoor and some outdoor family leisure use. The set includes 2 identical leisure bats and 3 balls.

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    Cornilleau Tacteo Duo OUTDOOR Bat and Ball Set

    CORNILLEAU TACTEO DUO OUTDOOR BAT AND BALL SET.  The Tacteo Composite Duo set consists of two bats and three balls and is perfect for outdoor recreational use.

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    Double Happiness 3002 R Bat

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 3002 R BAT. This is a fantastic value bat for advancing learners. It features a good basic allround blade with Double Happiness PF4 sticky surface rubbers on each side.

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    Double Happiness 5002 R Bat + Free Wallet

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 5002 R BAT.   This is a great intermediate & competition level bat for players wanting high SPIN and fantastic control.

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    Juic Sprout Combination Control R2P Competition Bat 6355

    JUIC SPROUT “COMBINATION CONTROL” BAT.  This is a specifically prepared combination bat aimed at allround / defensive players who like to use a long pimple to great effect on one side of the bat while still maintaining excellent digging and pushing control through the use of  a controllable TACKY rubber on the other side.

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    Stiga Hobby Haze Bat

    STIGA HOBBY HAZE BAT.  This bat offers great control for beginners.  A Stiga bat which we recommend for new, entry level players being introduced to the game.




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    Stiga Rocket 2 star Bat

    STIGA ROCKET 2 STAR BAT. This 2 Star Stiga Rocket bat is highly controllable and it will suit improving and advancing beginners.

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    Stiga Spin Power Attack Bat 1785

    STIGA SPIN POWER ATTACK / R2P BAT.   This high quality customised bat comprises of the superb Stiga NCT Ebenholz V offensive blade which offers 5 hard plies of power and acceleration. It is combined with the popular tacky style Stiga Genesis M rubber and another highly popular tacky rubber from Stiga, the “Neos Tacky”. Overall this bat combination will offer dominant spin attack players a powerful bat.


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    Stiga Superior 3 star Bat

    STIGA SUPERIOR 3 STAR BAT. This Superior bat is perfect for the powerful varied offence player who wants unrivalled levels of power and feeling in their game.

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    Stiga Supreme 4 star Bat

    STIGA SUPREME 4 STAR.  A very stylish and high quality 4 star bat for the more offensive minded player who requires greater speed with maximum spin and elasticity.

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    Stiga Vaporizer 5 star Bat

    STIGA VAPORIZER 5 STAR.  This bat is perfect for power and ultimate feeling due to ACS technology that allows high speed to be combined with springiness and elasticity for outstanding control.

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    Stiga Velocity 3 star Bat

    STIGA REACTIVE 3 STAR BAT. A very stylish and HIGHLY popular STIGA 3 star bat for the controlled power allround attack player who requires good speed with great accuracy and perfect ball placement!

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    Stiga Virtue 4 star Bat

    STIGA VIRTUE 4 STAR BAT.  This 4 star Virtue bat is the vital combination of two innovative technologies of ACS and tube and this design offers you superior speed, control and spin.

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    Tibhar Chila Select Attack Bat 6767

    TIBHAR CHILA SELECT ATTACK COMPETITION BAT.  This customised competition  bat features the HIGHLY popular  Tibhar Chila Light Offence blade and the ultra modern Tibhar Aurus Select rubbers.

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    Tibhar COS3 High Spin Defence Bat 1515

    TIBHAR COS3 HIGH SPIN DEFENCE BAT.  Concentrated HIGH SPIN defensive players and highly controlling SPIN allrounders will reap the benefit from the exacting control and finely tuned feel factor from this great bat combination. Players who rely on the consistency of returns to wear down their opponent won’t be disappointed.


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    Tibhar Nimbus Sound Control Competition Bat

    TIBHAR NIMBUS SOUND CONTROL COMPETITION BAT.  This customised competition bat features the iconic Tibhar IVL Light Contact blade and Tibhar Nimbus Sound rubbers.  This excellent combination offers high spin possibilities with balanced power and control. This light weight blade won’t let you down.