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    Butterfly Zhang Jike ZJ X6 Bat

    BUTTERFLY ZHANG JIKE ZJX6 BAT.  A stylish and highly popular controlled attack style bat from Butterfly for serious leisure / hobby players!  It has a sturdy 5-ply blade with a Flare shape handle and the rubbers are Butterfly Wakaba in a 2mm sponge on both sides of the bat for good speed and spin. Endorsed by Zhang Jike, the Olympic and twice World Singles Champion!

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    Stiga Supreme 4 star Bat

    STIGA SUPREME 4 STAR.  A very stylish and high quality 4 star bat for the more offensive minded player who requires greater speed with maximum spin and elasticity.

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    Stiga Synergy 5 star Bat

    STIGA SYNERGY 5 STAR.  This 5 star Synergy bat is ideally suited to players who favour a powerful and varied attacking game style.

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    Stiga Virtue 4 star Bat

    STIGA VIRTUE 4 STAR BAT.  This 4 star Virtue bat is the vital combination of two innovative technologies of ACS and tube and this design offers you superior speed, control and spin.