• £49.99

    Andro Top Level Bat

    ANDRO TOP LEVEL BAT For advancing intermediate level players. A good allround style bat which should allow you the capability to play a wide variety of shots. This Top Level bat is fitted with  ITTF approved Andro POWER 6 1.9mm rubbers in red and black. Average bat weight is around 170 – 175g. Available with the FL / Flare style handle only.

  • £45.99

    Butterfly Timo Boll Platinum Bat

    BUTTERFLY TIMO BOLL PLATINUM. This stylish bat is designed for advancing leisure players who want to improve and further develope their skills. This Platinum model offers a sturdy 5-ply blade with a comfortable AN / anatomic shape handle.

  • £49.99

    Double Happiness 4002 R Bat

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS 4002 R BAT.  This is an excellent advancing high spin bat. It features a good allround blade with Double Happiness G888 2.0mm sticky rubber for controllable spin attacking and Double Happiness Hurricane 2 in 2.0mm.

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    (RRP: £64.99)

    Stiga Superior 3 star Bat

    STIGA SUPERIOR 3 STAR BAT. This Superior bat is perfect for the powerful varied offence player who wants unrivalled levels of power and feeling in their game.

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    (RRP: £59.99)

    Stiga Velocity 3 star Bat

    STIGA REACTIVE 3 STAR BAT. A very stylish and HIGHLY popular STIGA 3 star bat for the controlled power allround attack player who requires good speed with great accuracy and perfect ball placement!

  • £41.99

    Tibhar Samsonov Power Grip Bat

    TIBHAR SAMSONOV POWER GRIP BAT. A controlled attacking bat for the young or experienced allround player. This bat has Tibhar Phantom rubbers on both sides which guarantees perfect ball feel and control.