Bat Cleaner & Accessories

  • £2.25

    Andro Bat Edge Tape – 1 Bat NEW!

    ANDRO BAT EDGING TAPE is an edging tape from Andro which will help protect the edge of your blade and rubbers. This edging tape is self adhesive and there are two different widths of tape to choose from : standard 10mm wide or the 12mm extra wide tape. This tape will protect 1 bat.

  • £4.95

    Andro Bat Edge Tape – 10 Bats NEW!

    ANDRO BAT EDGE TAPE is a small roll of bat edge tape which will help to protect the edge of your blade from denting and the edges of the rubbers from crumbling. This small, self adhesive roll will protect around 10 bats. There are 2 different widths to choose from: 10mm standard width or the extra wide 12mm tape.

  • £3.50

    Andro Duo Rubber Wiper

    ANDRO DUO RUBBER WIPER is a dual purpose rubber cleaning sponge made from cotton and microfibre materials for optimal cleaning. Use the yellow cotton side to actually rub in your rubber cleaning solution.

  • £7.99

    Andro Free Clean Pump Rubber Cleaner

    ANDRO FREE CLEAN PUMP CLEANER is an anti – static VOC FREE pump – spray rubber cleaner which when used regularly will help to keep the rubber in tip top condition.

  • £7.99

    Andro Free Seal Blade Varnish

    ANDRO FREE SEAL BLADE VARNISH.  If you plan to regularly change the rubbers around on your blade(s), we recommend that you varnish your blade to protect the surface from splintering and damage.

  • £8.99

    Andro Rubber Rolling Pin

    ANDRO RUBBER ROLLING PIN.  During bat make up this rolling pin is used to ensure that the rubber sheet is glued flat down onto the blade, without any air bubbles.

  • £6.95

    Andro Work Strike Beat Repeat Rubber Protector Set

    ANDRO RUBBER PROTECTION SHEETS are designed to adhere to your rubber surfaces and protect your bat and protect the surface from dirt and dust.

  • £3.99

    Butterfly Cotton Rubber Wiper

    BUTTERFLY COTTON RUBBER WIPER is a wiper which does not leave any particles on the rubber surface. This should be used with a cleaning solution to keep the playing surface of your rubber in tip top condition.

  • £8.99

    Butterfly Overgrip Black

    BUTTERFLY OVERGRIP.  This bat handle tape is a thin synthetic grip which you simply wrap around the handle of your blade. This grip will help to absorb perspiration and will slightly thicken the handle. These OVERGRIP bat handle tapes are 3 separate grips and will cover 3 bat handles.