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Blade Information

Blades – All you need to know

With 9 different ‘playing strategies’ on offer, choose carefully!

Competitive and enjoyable table tennis requires the right equipment. Your blade is the foundation of the bat and can make quite a difference, so read this information carefully. The information we have provided below will assist you in your understanding of all the categories available.


DEF minus = numbing defence

These blades simply maximise control for a very passive defence game. If you are a consistent returnee of the ball and want to execute good ball placement, this blade type fits your criteria. These blades absorb speed, slow the ball down, and are essentially dead!

DEF = all-purpose defence

The classical choice for all purpose defence play as they are slow, steady and reliable with an exaggerated dwell time for effective contact through cutting strokes. A great blade type best suited for tricky combination bat play and determined defensive play!

DEF plus = power defence

If you defend closer to the table this category has some ‘catapulting power’. When you stop / chop block and dig in hard over the table you will notice the difference. This blade type is especially suitable for active long pimpled play.

ALL minus = passive allround

A slow allround blade with the emphasis on high control and security of touch. This would suit players who do not control the state of play and who maybe play slow forehand spins and passive defensive backhands.

ALL = allround

A little bit of everything is possible with this category! These blades provide consistent levels of touch with just enough speed and are ideal for players who like to mix controlled pushing together with intermitting topspin play. A confident and popular choice for good allround performers.

ALL plus = allround with extra power

A highly popular choice for active and dominant allround players. Combines well with most rubber types and adapts easily to the varying demands of the game. These blades are carefully ‘tuned’ to deliver exceptional control with response on demand! Ideal for attack orientated allround player who need control but also sufficient speed to attack.

OFF minus = cautious spin offence

A great choice for medium paced topspin players. Its design concept is aimed at getting the right balance of spin and pace with excellent touch. This provides balanced playing potential for all styles of play and is adaptable for players who play both close to the table and away at mid-distance and are mainly pressurising through spin.

OFF = power spin offence

To play the modern aggressive power spin game you will need an authoritative blade with responsive touch. If you attack strongly on both wings, choose this blade type. It is especially well suited to players who play powerful loop drives and want to win fast, direct points. It also suits strong power blocking and counter hitting play close to the table. Amongst attacking players this is the leading choice for the offensive topspin attack game.

OFF plus = ultimate speed offence

What can we say! These blades deliver blistering ball speed and unbelievable power! They are ‘super’ fast and only suitable for pure out and out experienced offensive players who are prepared to take risks! This category suits players who want great acceleration with excellent catapult effect. But note, these high-speed blades will reduce the amount of topspin you are able to generate on the ball.


This figure is used to differentiate each blades rebound energy and responsiveness. You must use it as a subjective guideline in helping you make your choice. The concept is simple. The lower blade speed factors utilize and improve control. Therefore higher speed factors indicate less contact time with the ball, which in turn reduces control. High blade speed ratings will also reduce the spin capacity.

In blades this is unquestionably the most subjective factor because each player has different levels of neurological reactions linked to the ‘sensitive zones’ in the hands. Players undoubtedly have varying levels of ‘sensory feel’ and perception therefore control is difficult to truly measure. Control factors should be used as a guideline for your final bat selection.

This indicates how many total ‘layers’ of wood and man-made fibres are used to construct the blade. 5-ply blades are the most popular construction and are suitable for all types of allround play. More plies tend to bring more rigidity to the blade therefore increase the speed/power capacity, which suits the more offensive player.

This indicates the blades average weight based on the FL grip. For many years blades tended to weigh an average of 85g however we have many more weight choices available today.

Blade Handle Shape
A comfortable grip is important. Remember your grip controls the angle of the blade face and ultimately transmits the speed, spin and direction of the ball.

Handle choices:    FL– flare        AN– anatomic           ST– straight           Penhold

Take care of your blade!

  • Use bat edge tape to help protect the blade and rubber edges.
  • Remove rubber carefully from the blade.
  • A blade is only made of wood. Accidental damage / breakage across the neck can be caused by hitting your bottom, leg or catching the table so take care.


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