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Bat Advice

Choosing the right equipment for your game will allow you to reach higher levels of enjoyment as well as achievement. Trying to choose specialist table tennis equipment from the numerous blade and rubber choices can be a minefield of confusion. We are aware and responsive to this fact and identify with your need to understand the equipment differences in a simple, uncomplicated manner. We want you to be confident and actually enjoy deliberating on the selection of your next ‘weapon’! Here we have detailed 5 key categories of player type. Embracing playing level, experience and capability to help you make the right choice. Remember whatever your level, a new bat should positively assist you’re playing style and game development – not detract from it

Beginners Pre-assembled Bat

We’ve all been at this stage! We recommend that the beginner should choose a ‘pre-assembled’ bat to get their game underway. At this early phase, table tennis is a fun and exciting sport to be involved in and the fun part is probably the most important element. Table tennis is a ‘Sport for Life’ so enjoyment must be the main focus to develop and maintain a life-long association with this fascinating sport. To get started go to “BATS“.  Then choose from:
Getting Started – Beginner            Moving On – Intermediate,
Ready to Play – Advanced            Competition Play – Competitive play

A Custom-Made Bat –

Choosing a custom made bat will definitely raise your playing ability. This is how the non-hobby players have always bought their bats for the past 40 years. So if you feel that you are now ready to take your game to the next level check out the separate Blade and Rubber information sections. Here you will find detailed descriptions about all the key elements they have to offer. To get the best from this information first analyse you game style by thinking about your forehand and backhand abilities separately. Make some notes so that you can relate to them when you are researching the correct blade or rubbers for your game style.

Competitive Players –

Established players who are now competing and playing regularly need to choose their equipment from the wider selection of competition blades and rubbers. Numerous players will play with the same equipment choice for years and although it may continue to suit some players, due to a change of game style, physique, power and age, some players could positively benefit from a change of equipment. Take time to carefully read through our technical section where blade and rubber information is featured. Here you should gather helpful information on how to use the equipment guidelines provided. The ultimate test is in the playing…

Veteran Players –

Table tennis as mentioned earlier, is a sport for life with many physical and mental health benefits. Many players continue to play competitively well into their retirement age. These more mature players often turn to obstructive rubbers to compensate for decreased mobility and slowing reflexes. This ‘strategy’ can be a good idea but does require understanding as long pimple and anti spin rubbers are designed purely for returning spin and can be limiting. If you do change to such rubber types, do not think that you can continue to play your great backhand flick or forehand topspin with the same familiar stroke! You will need to make positive stroke adjustments and also mentally learn and understand the natural characteristics of the rubber type.

Disabled Players –

Table tennis embraces both able and disabled players and this is just one of the most wonderful features of the sport. If you are disabled or impaired there is no reason to choose completely different equipment but it can be most helpful where movement is restricted to consider using different playing surfaces on each side of your bat. Take into consideration and evaluate how far you actually play away from the table and how quickly you perform side ways movements. Also consider how you actually play i.e. quick hard hitting over the table or more fluent spin attacks with tactical ball placement? Carefully consider which equipment is ‘spot on’ for your game.

Blade and Rubbers Choice

Choose a BLADE – which one is right for you?
Start by evaluating how you play. It is important to think about your forehand and backhand separately because most players play differently and have different abilities on either wing. Read through all 9 categories in Blade Information to identify your most suitable blade strategy e.g. ALL plus, OFF etc. Then check out the advice about speed and control just so that you are familiar with the strengths and weakness of both factors. With this information absorbed, check out the blade section area in the online shop to start you search. Now you can confidently begin your search for the perfect blade.

Choose the RUBBERS – which ones are right for you?
Why are there so many rubber choices? How long is a piece of string! We would need to print a separate catalogue just to answer that one! However like every other product we set out to buy there are always numerous choices. It’s simply the world we live in! Getting back to the rubber choice, no two players play the same. A rubber which suits one attacking player does not automatically suit another. This general comment applies to all game styles. If you evaluated that your forehand wing is different to your backhand, start by concentrating on just one side of your game first. Read through our extensive Rubber Information section to identify the right category of rubber you need for that wing. Make some notes as you go – then check out the rubber section area in theonline shop to fine tune your selection.

It’s your choice because your game is as individual as you are!

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