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High Power Control Bat anb7
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(RRP £166.99)

Customised High Power Control Bat 

This impressively controlled bat uses a Butterfly Timo Boll ALL+ blade for improved feel in allround play. Butterfly Bryce Speed for t...
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Supercharged Power Attack Bat anb4
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(RRP £169.97)
Customised Supercharged Power Attack Bat

This supercharged power attack bat uses a spirited Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF- blade for superb feel in all out attacking play. But...
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Attack/Defend Control Bat anb8
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(RRP £93.99)
Customised Attack/Defend Control Bat 

This bat is aimed at players who play a spin controlled forehand and a more defensive backhand style.  It uses a Tibhar Samsonov Premi...
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Power Spin Attack Bat ANB3
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(RRP £142.99)

Customised Power Spin Attack Bat 

This power spin attack bat uses the indomitable Super Core Carbon Light OFF blade for superb feel in all out atta...
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Spin Attack Bat ANB2
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(RRP £119.99)

Customised Spin Attack Bat

This spin attack bat uses the very controllable Andro Blax OFF blade for emphasised control. Andro Roxon is the forehand rubber; it will provi...
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Spin & Anti Combi Bat ANB1
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(RRP £129.99)

Spin Attack and Anti Combination Bat.

This combination bat has an influential Andro Super Core Carbon Light ALL+ blade for accentuated control. S...
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R2P Competition Bat
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ANDRO READY TO PLAY COMPETITION BAT.  A fantastic bat for more serious competitive play. An excellent bat for for steady attackers. This high quality A...
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Mark V Bat
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(RRP £94.99)

YASAKA MARK V BAT.  A top quality tournament level bat. MARK V rubber and Swedish competition blades are renowned as classics within the world of table...
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(RRP £113.97)


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