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Clean Fix Glue - 25g
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TIBHAR CLEAN FIX GLUE is a new & clean normal glue which is free of harmful volatile organic solvents and is in agreement with the new ITTF glue guidelines. This 25g bottle features a sponge applicator which makes it easy to spread the glue. You must rinse the sponge out under a cold tap after use. This 25g bottle will make up around 4 - 5 complete bats. Below is an idea of how to use this glue:  

  • Spread a visable but even amount of this milky - white glue onto the sponge.
  • Let the glue dry out on the sponge for approximately 30 - 40 minutes until the glue becomes transparent. ( this is very important! )
  • Spread a visable but even amount of this milky - white glue onto 1 side of your blade.
  • Let the glue dry out on your blade for approximately 30 - 40 minutes.
  • Then as usual,  carefully fix the rubber down onto the blade and cut around rubber using a  sharpe knife.

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