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FREE Outdoor Table Package !
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<p><strong><font color="#000000">FREE OUTDOOR PACKAGE!</font></strong>   Simply order an outdoor / allweather table from our <strong><font color="#000000">CORNILLEAU </font></strong><strong><font color="#000000">OUTDOOR </font></strong>table selection below you will receive <strong><font color="#ff0000">FREE OF CHARGE</font></strong> the following items.</p><ul><li>1 x Cornilleau PVC SPORT Protective Table Cover in grey</li><li>4 x Sport 100 hobby bats</li><li>Box of 6 Cornilleau Expert balls orange </li></ul><p><strong><font color="#000000">* This package is ONLY provided with CORNILLEAU OUTDOOR / ALLWEATHER tables *</font></strong></p>

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