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505A Profi Robot
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(RRP £2,350.00)

TT MATIC 505A PROFI ROBOT is TTmatics top of the range robot will satisfy every players requirements.  It`s clever fully programmable twin head system allows you to play against a completely random program - just like you would in a real match!  You can set head 1 to produce topspin and set head 2 to produce backspin / chop.  A fully adjustable 5 channel control panel can be placed on the table near you for easy adjustment.  The ball frequency speed can be set up to 100 balls a minute.  Also the power and spin functions can be adjusted indepently from each other.  A large ball collection net clips onto and sits at the back of the table, behind the robot itself.  Please allow 50cm at the back of the table to facilitate the robot and collection net.  This robot can hold 100 balls in its container which sits under the table.   Comes with a 2 years manufacturers warranty.

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for delivery.

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