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101 Classic Robot
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(RRP £549.00)

TT MATIC 101 CLASSIC ROBOT is a low cost, great value robot designed for the leisure / hobby market. This 101 model is reliable and quick to set up. This robot actually sits on top of the table and features an 80cm high ball collection net which fastens behind the robot onto the table. You can set up the machine to throw out topspin or backspin balls and the ball direction can be controlled on the table using a 2 position swing step oscillator. Ball frequency speed can be set up to 80 balls a minute! You can position the remote control box near you when playing for easy robot adjustment. The remote control box has 3 knobs which control the ball speed, ball sequence and oscillator. The ball container will hold up to 100 balls and this robot is available in green only. Please allow 7 - 10 working days for delivery. TT matic offer a 2 year warranty with this robot.

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